You’ve stumbled upon this blog which means one of two things is true: you’re a dear comrade who I have guilted into an obligatory visit or you’re as bored as I was when I made the decision to create it. In any case, I hope you stick around.

In 1939, Winston Churchill said Russia was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Eight decades later, if the addendum “smothered in cheese and sprinkled with bacon” were applied, it might well describe me. I’m a 30-year-old gay liberal living blue in a Red State. I break virtually every stereotype of Kentucky you’ve probably heard, and I probably fulfill a few of them, too. Cue the enigma/riddle/mystery meshugas. Heck, I just used a yiddish slang term (probably misapplied) and I’m from western Kentucky, but…I digress.

By day, I’m an educator, and once the school bell rings, I’m a lover of pop culture, a bibliophile, a man stricken with wanderlust, and a pretend foodie. My hope is that through three weekly blog posts, you can follow me on my journey as I explore new parts of my city, travel to beautiful places with wonderful friends, and improve my culinary prowess. I hope I’m challenged to get outside my comfort zone, change my perception of the world, and learn what makes my city and this life so special. Maybe through reading my blog, you’ll be inspired to try it with Tony.