Give Me One Chorizo-n You Won’t Try These (Chile Chorizo Migas)

If you want to skip right to the recipe, I get it…you’re busy. Just click here.

Confession time: My love for the incredible, edible egg knows no bounds. I’m not beaten around the bush or yolkin’ around. Throw any egg-cellent recipe at me and I’ll happily partake. How do I love eggs? Let me count the ways. I’ll take them fried, scrambled, or poached. I’ll take them in an omelet. I’ll eat them in a frittata. I’ll gobble them up in a quiche. I’m eggs-hausted just thinking about it.

Give me a recipe for a savory dish, and I promise you…I’ll find a way to put an eggy twist on it. That’s why when I first read about migas a few months ago, I was ashamed I hadn’t discovered them sooner. Was my card-carrying membership to the Eggland’s Best Fan Club going to be revoked? I was terri-fried!

Okay, I’ll stop with the egg puns, but only if you promise you’ll try this out. If, like the Tony from a few months ago, you don’t have any idea what migas are…you’re in for a life-changer. In short, migas are a Mexican breakfast dish that makes use of dried out corn tortillas by lightly frying them and mixing them with scrambled eggs. Because Americans always take things to the next, most extra level, the Tex-Mex version usually includes all the ingredients of a Southwest omelet–peppers, onions, tomatoes, ham, and cheese. Aaannnnd because I am the extra-est of all Americans, I took inspiration from a ton of recipes I found and amped the idea up with my own version that makes use of Mexican chorizo. If you haven’t tried chorizo, you’re seriously missing out.

How do those professional food bloggers make picture perfect meals? This might not be the prettiest plate, but I promise…the combination of flavors in these Chile Chorizo Migas will make your tummy happy. And isn’t that all that really matters?

So, I ask you humbly to give me one choriz-o you won’t try these. C’mon. It’ll change your life. Click on to page two for the recipe card. Also, let me know if you want step-by-step instructions with photos that are a little bit more developed. I’m learning with y’all and these first few attempts aren’t going to be perfect. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see, or click “Contact Me” at the top to find ways to locate my social media platforms.

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