K, So…Pineapples and Queso? (Pineapple Chicken Quesadillas)

Want to avoid my lengthy diatribe? Jump straight to the recipe.

Any teacher can tell you that the grief felt at the end of the yearly holiday break feels like the death of something special. I am so grateful to work in a career that affords me a chance to recollect and renew myself to start the year off successfully. My holidays were filled with hours-long Netflix binges, daily cuddles with my pup, and multiple gatherings with friends, so naturally I had some last-minute prep that needed to be done before returning to my classroom this past Thursday. I needed a recipe with no-fuss prep, cheap ingredients, and a punch of flavor. Cue this gem from Budget Bytes.

I have long been a fan of Beth’s recipes because they’re affordable and simple, but they don’t sacrifice flavor for cost. As I’ve gotten more comfortable in the kitchen, I’ve loved the process of taking a recipe I see online and modifying it for what’s in my kitchen and the time I have on any given day to devote to cooking. Since Wednesday was filled with last-minute house cleaning and lesson-planning, I took inspiration from Beth to create a set-it-and-forget-it meal that was light on prep thanks to my slow cooker. And thus, I birthed my first culinary creation of 2019:

Pineapple Chicken QuesadiYAAAS

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