2019: The Year Tony Really Tries It

Since my earliest memories of childhood, I have been a lover of words. A logophile. As a kid, that obsession manifested itself in a children’s book that I am still convinced I’ll actually publish someday. So convinced, in fact, that I refuse to share the story in print for fear that some Internet troll will stumble upon this blog, find the idea, contact a publisher, and run away with my millions. I have tens of thousands of dollars of debt, I still plan to purchase a home, and I’d like to buy a baby someday, so I simply can’t risk such a loss.

As I grew older and the Internet took control of all our lives, the logophilia of my youth manifested in a myriad of forms: masterfully curated MySpace posts for my tens of friends, expertly crafted AIM and MSN Messenger “Away” statuses, deliberately planned statuses on Facebook (at its onset, a college-only exclusive–HOW NEAT!!!) and Twitter, and ultimately, blogs. Teenage Tony ran the gamut of pointless blogs. Inconsistently, I wrote pop culture commentary on Blogspot and award show reviews on WordPress, but I saved my most personal confessionals on the ever-elusive Livejournal. I wanted a sounding board, and in some ways, I found it…even if inconsistently.

In some ways, 30-year-old Tony isn’t much different than the closeted gay kid who first started writing on the Internet over a decade ago. My varying social media accounts offer, collectively, 827 sets of eyes to consume whatever content I create. Still, something is missing. I have something to say that social media doesn’t always allow the space to.

I want new interactions. I want different interactions. I want more. So, at the onset of a new year, the idea for this blog has manifested. The goal here is simple: I want to share my life with you.

I settled in Paducah, Kentucky three and a half years ago and have yet to explore so much of what it has to offer. A local initiative encourages us to #PartakeInPaducah and damn it…I’m going to. I’ve fallen in love with this unique little town, and my suspicion is that you will, too.

I’d also like, as much as possible, to take you on journeys outside this tiny metropolis nestled between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Already, I have so many adventures planned. How cool would it be for you to come with me?

And finally, the inner foodie in me wants to fully manifest. I want to taste new flavors. I want to try new techniques in my kitchen. I want to be as badass as Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski in the kitchen, and I want you to cheer me on. There will be failures along the way. I will inevitably burn the chicken. I’ll overseason the potatoes. I’ll accidentally leave the rice on the stove for too long. But hopefully, I’ll learn. And maybe you will, too.

Let’s go on this crazy journey together. Here’s hoping the inconsistency of my youth won’t creep back in to this forum. Here’s hoping I’ll meet new people. Heck, who knows…I might turn that audience of 827 into an audience of 900 by the year’s end. Regardless, I know I’ll have fun along the way…and isn’t that kind of the point?

2019 just started, but I think we’ve got something kinda special here.

Here goes nothing.

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